I really looked forward to running this morning. I planned out my day, organized my mind and felt confident that I was going to MAKE it a great day!  With that mindset, I headed out “unplugged,” to just get into some easy, zone 2 running. It never takes long to get my mind wandering and often starts by reflecting on the past or getting nostalgic for the future.


Today, I realized it has been over 3 weeks since qualifying for the Boston Marathon. And though I rested completely for 10 days, I have been back “exercising” for almost two weeks now and for no reason other than the grateful feeling of, “I get to” run today.  Coincidentally, I noticed my virtual mentor, Rich Roll, posted this very sentiment on his Instagram account the other day. I only saw it on my way to my Hope and Joy Wellness site! I really believe we have kindred spirits with others and this was a perfect example...and a little scary!


In 2009, I had been running marathons since 1997, but I made the decision to level up and try to qualify for the Boston Marathon. That was a “BIG thing” to throw out there for me. I simply started out with saying, “ I WANT to qualify for the Boston Marathon.” Since that statement was made to myself, and then externally to my friends and family, a lot has transpired. The list of positives and negatives is too long to list. But on this journey to reach my lofty goal, I often recall me feeling and saying, “I have to” go run. That is certainly not a feeling that I desired to have at any moment. However, like anything worth pursuing in life that I know will add joy to it, there are going to be challenges, doubts, disguised resistances and obstacles to see your way through. When those things appear as you show up each day to pursue that goal, you may not feel like, doing “the thing” that will get you closer to your goal or where you want to be. But you do it anyway and know that you will never regret that decision!


But the reflective lesson I spent some time with on my “I GET TO RUN” run today was this, those moments of feeling like you “HAVE TO” are normal, are ok and are often necessary to face while pursuing and reaching your goals. And more importantly, after seeing through to the end of your goal, no matter how long it takes, and if you love what you are doing and it serves you well, you come full circle and realize that really...you “GET TO” do those things.  Grateful.


Gratitude is a gift available at all times! (Reminder to self)

Thank you in advance for your comments!

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