HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY-Hope and Joy Trilogy Blog #1

HOPE is Not a Strategy
by Nate Higgins, Hope and Joy Wellness

Hope...we all have it and we all need it don't we?

We hope; to lose weight, to have more energy, to have more time, to be more confident, to matter, to find our passion, to break cycles and/or addictions that do not serve us, to be loved the way we would like to be, to reach goals, to realize our dreams or just to simply be happy!

Well, hope is not a strategy. Hope is a feeling, a desire, or a want.  No matter how much we desire, feel or want something, that unfortunately is just not going to lead us to the outcomes that will bring us joy.

Having hope is like having the air we breathe. Hope is the inception of an idea or feeling with the possibilities of making us happier and more fulfilled. Hope awakes passion, creates vision and starts our thoughts about what “could be.” Hope is our canvas. 

These hopes are deeply seeded in the pit of our tummies, and have likely stayed in this seeded state for quite some time. Alone with hope and our best intentions, we face forces that continue to suppress our hopes, to steal our dreams. Alone, we do not confidently advance towards hope that allows us to experience the joy that awaits us.

We all have Hope and we all want Joy. For many of us a chasmic space exists between this Hope and Joy.

We are all capable of bridging this gap and overcoming all that lies between. The “how to and what to” depends on the individual and whatever their hope, goal or dream is. But, hope, coupled with intentional actions, is what will produce results.

Hope can be fostered by relationship and a sense of community. Hope sends us into the comforting arms of others when shared. Many people feel that asking for help or needing the support of others is a weakness and that is furthest from the truth. There is a great deal of strength and courage when you surrender your being alone with hope and engage with others. Put it out there, make it real, even if it’s scary and you feel quite vulnerable.

If you have been stuck alone with your hope, and want to turn that hope into joy, act by connecting with someone who will be engaged in your “Hope” and will celebrate in your “Joy.” Someone who can be objective, tell you what you need to hear (not what you want to hear or what creates further doubt) and provide the support you need.  I have taken this step on many occasions and it is liberating! It also produces a spark that can create quite the burning desire to follow up with productive and prideful actions. Take action on your hope today and experience the joy that is within your reach and is closer than you ever believed.

Do you currently sit with a strong “hope,” goal or desire to want something better for yourself? How long have you sat with this? Do you get really excited and motivated only to have those feelings subside and this becomes a recurring cycle for you?  Do one little thing, take one small step, and address your feeling of hope. You might not know what that is since you are so close and emotionally connected.  However, more than likely,  you know exactly what you need to do, but alone and unsupported, action steps at this stage seem too daunting to start or stay consistent with.

As I type this, some of my own hopes, dreams and goals that need addressing come to mind. Do you ever find yourself stuck with a hope, goal or dream and just can’t seem to take the steps necessary to realize them...yet? Well, let's see what we can do about this shall we? Next week we will look at some things that lie between our Hope and Joy, but until then...think about those hopes, dreams, goals and intentions. Write them down somewhere you can see them and get them out of the thinking loop in your head. If you do that, you have already taken a small but significant action of progress. Just do it! Hey, I should copyright that phrase ;-)

Hope, Joy and Wellness to you all!  MAKE it a great week!

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Thank you in advance for your comments!

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